Mission Statement

The Business Council for Prosperity and Safety is mobilizing the nation’s business community to speak with a unified voice that drug prohibition hurts the American economy, and must be replaced with a system of regulation and genuine control.

BCPS chapters in each city organize the Chamber of Commerce, and the city’s leading businesses to endorse the repeal of drug prohibition and its replacement.

BCPS task forces organize the particular industries that are most drastically affected by the crime and costs of drug prohibition so that their trade associations will make prohibition repeal and its replacement part of their public affairs agenda.

BCPS members host meetings and speak to business and civic associations about the cost of prohibition and the need for its replacement.

BCPS members recruit other prominent business leaders to join this effort.

BCPS brings a research agenda to the nation’s business schools, departments of economics, and research institutes to more fully document the economic costs of drug prohibition to various industries and the nation at large.

BCPS educates the public and policymakers of the economic necessity for replacing drug prohibition with a system that regulates and controls the manufacture, distribution and use of non-medical drugs.

The Business Council for Safety and Prosperity is a product of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, based in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.