About BCPS

The Business Council for Prosperity and Safety understands that drug prohibition is economically illogical, and creates vast unintended consequences that cost our economy tens of billions of dollars in losses and waste.

BCPS is the alliance of business leaders telling policy makers we want to increase profits for our investors, and to have safe neighborhoods for our families. The Business Council is working to replace drug prohibition with a logical system to manage the drug problem to reduce crime, to reduce the harm from drugs, and to reduce unnecessary taxes.

The American system of private enterprise works with a balance of incentives and regulatory tools that rely upon the rule of law. Those tools -- courts, insurance, professional ethics, licensing, regulation, and proper taxation – work for every aspect of the American economy. It is time to use our American tools to take drugs away from organized crime and common thugs.

American business knows how to manufacture and distribute a vast array of products to protect public safety without violence or corruption, and make a reasonable profit. We can apply the American way of business – the most widely admired in the world – to solve the problem of distributing drugs and to protect public safety and health.

Eric E. Sterling is the Director of the Business Council for Prosperity and Safety. 

The Business Council for Safety and prosperity is a product of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, a thinktank based in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. 


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